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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

Prewedding photography in delhi

15 Best Pre Wedding PhotoShoot Ideas, Tips & Poses

15 Pre Wedding PhotoShoot Ideas, Tips & Poses for 2023 Table of Contents Introduction A pre-wedding photoshoot is important. It provides an opportunity for couples to capture memories of their love and commitment.    This is done before their wedding day. A wellplanned pre wedding video shoot can be a treasure trove of stunning images that can be cherished for a lifetime. However, with so many options for locations, themes, and poses, it can be challenging to decide on the […]

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Shubhanshu Prewedding

Candid Wedding Photography Trends and Ideas by Delhi Photographer

A Look at Creative and Cinematic Photography Ideas for Wedding Photographers in Delhi Wedding Photography Wedding photography is changing all the time, and in 2023 there are some exciting new trends. People are looking for different and creative photography ideas to make their big day even more special, and wedding photographers in Delhi are coming up with some amazing options. Cinematic photography Cinematic photography is one of the biggest trends right now. This style is inspired by the movies and […]

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How to Use Off-Camera Flash for Portrait Photography in Wedding Photography ?

Off Camera Flash for Portrait Photography in Weddings Off-camera flash can be a game-changer for portrait photography in weddings. It allows you to control the lighting, create a mood, and add dimension to your images. In this article, we’ll explore how to use off-camera flash for portrait photography in weddings.   CHOOSE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT  You will need a couple pieces of gear in order to use off-camera flash.  A flash device that may be activated off-camera is first required. Examples include a speedlight or a studio strobe.    To connect your camera to your flash unit, you’ll need need a cable or a wireless trigger.  Last but not least, you’ll need a light modifier, such an umbrella or a softbox,  to shape the light and soften its effect.   1.     Understand the Light: The next step is to understand the quality of light that you want to create. […]

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