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When it comes to your big day, finding the perfect wedding photographer is crucial to capture those unforgettable moments. If you’re in search of a skilled and experienced wedding photographer in delhi, look no further! Our team at Studio Vision Photography specializes in wedding photography.

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    Photographers with 18 years of Experience

    In 2022, Studio Vision Photography was proudly awarded as the best wedding photography company. They are renowned for their expertise in destination weddings, capturing beautiful moments in various cities.

    As the best wedding photographer in Delhi, their team possesses a unique talent for turning your special day into unforgettable memories. Their warm and friendly approach ensures that every emotion is perfectly captured, making your wedding amazing and cherished forever.

    If you're looking for a destination wedding photographer who can create stunning images and preserve your most precious moments, Studio Vision Photography is the perfect choice. Let them be a part of your big day, and you'll have wonderful pictures that will bring joy to your heart for a lifetime.

    Studio Vision Photography awarded as best wedding photographer by malaika arora khan

    Awarded as

    Best Photography Company

    in 2022 by

    Malaika Arora Khan


    National Fame Awards

    Taj Vivanta (Dwarka) New Delhi.

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    Providing the Clients Best Quality at Competitive price

    Professional Photography Services You Can Trust

    Trust our professional photography services for exceptional quality and attention to detail. Capture your special moments with us and cherish them forever.

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    and make your memories cherishable for a lifetime.

      Are you searching for the best wedding photographer in Delhi? Look no further than Studio Vision Photography, your trusted partner in capturing the timeless moments of your most special day. Located in the heart of Rohini, we go beyond stunning visuals, crafting heartfelt narratives that echo through the years.

      Why Choose Studio Vision Photography:

      • Award-winning expertise: Our team of passionate photographers brings years of experience and accolades to the table, ensuring exceptional quality and a keen eye for detail.
      • Personalized storytelling: We don’t just take pictures; we tell your unique love story. From candid laughter to tearful vows, we capture the raw emotions that make your wedding unforgettable.
      • Unmatched versatility: Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, our diverse photography styles adapt to your preferences, from classic elegance to modern minimalism.
      • Stress-free experience: We understand the importance of seamless planning. We collaborate closely with you,ensuring your comfort and exceeding your expectations throughout the process.
      • Commitment to innovation: We stay ahead of the curve, employing cutting-edge technology and artistic techniques to deliver breathtaking imagery that stands out.

      More than just photography:

      • Pre-wedding shoots: Create a magical prelude to your wedding with stunning pre-wedding portraits that capture your love story’s essence.
      • Cinematography: Elevate your memories with a captivating wedding film that showcases the emotions and dynamism of your special day.
      • Drone photography: Add a unique perspective to your wedding story with breathtaking aerial shots that capture the grandeur of your venue and the surrounding landscape.

      Studio Vision Photography: Your Gateway to Wedding Memories that Last a Lifetime

      • Contact us today: Let’s discuss your vision and create a personalized photography package that reflects your unique love story.
      • Visit our website: Explore our portfolio, browse testimonials, and get inspired by the magic we create.
      • Follow us on social media: Stay connected and discover our latest work and special offers.


      Wedding photography in Delhi, like anywhere, ranges in price depending on several factors. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate:

      Budget Spectrum:

      • Starting range (₹30,000 – ₹50,000): This caters to budget-conscious couples. Expect basic editing and coverage for the main ceremony.
      • Mid-range (₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000): Offers more experienced photographers, additional hours, and edited photos from pre-wedding shoots or events.
      • Premium range (₹1,00,000+): High-end studios or renowned photographers with advanced equipment, extensive coverage, elaborate albums, and potentially videography.

      Key Cost Factors:

      • Photographer’s Experience & Reputation: Established names command higher fees.
      • Package Inclusions: Hours of coverage, edited photos, pre-wedding shoots, albums, videography.
      • Travel & Logistics: Destination weddings or multiple venues add costs.
      • Editing Style & Techniques: Advanced editing or special effects raise the price.

      Finding Your Perfect Fit:

      • Define your priorities: What’s most important to you (experience, style, package inclusions)?
      • Set a realistic budget: Don’t stretch thin; prioritize quality within your means.
      • Compare photographers: Research portfolios, read reviews, and get quotes.
      • Open communication: Discuss your expectations and budget clearly with photographers.

      Pro Tip: Explore off-season discounts or weekday weddings for potential savings.


      Unfortunately, there’s no single “best” photography style for weddings as it depends entirely on your unique preferences and vision for your special day. However, I can guide you through different popular styles to help you find the perfect fit:

      Popular Wedding Photography Styles:

      • Photojournalistic: Captures candid moments and emotions, telling your love story authentically. Perfect for couples who value naturalness and genuine interactions.
      • Fine Art: Light, airy, and romantic, emphasizing soft colors and delicate details. Ideal for elegant weddings with a timeless aesthetic.
      • Classic: Formal and posed portraits with traditional compositions. Well-suited for couples who prefer structured elegance and heirloom-quality photos.
      • Dramatic: Bold and moody, using creative lighting and angles for a striking visual impact. Great for couples who want a unique and artistic approach.
      • Vintage: Inspired by bygone eras, often incorporating warm tones and film-like effects. Perfect for couples who cherish a nostalgic and romantic ambiance.
      • Minimalist: Simple and clean compositions with focus on clean lines and negative space. Ideal for modern couples who value simplicity and elegance.

      Beyond Style:

      • Consider your venue’s aesthetics: Does the style complement the setting’s vibe?
      • Match your personalities: Are you playful and candid, or more formal and reserved?
      • Think about your desired final product: Do you prefer traditional albums or modern digital collections?
      • Research photographers: Explore portfolios to find someone whose style resonates with you.

      Key Cost Factors:

      • Photographer’s Experience & Reputation: Renowned photographers command higher fees.
      • Package Inclusions: Hours of coverage, edited photos, pre-wedding shoots, videography, etc.
      • Travel & Logistics: Destination weddings or multiple venues raise costs.
      • Location: Costs tend to be higher in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai.
      • Editing Style & Techniques: Advanced editing or special effects raise the price.
      • If you want a good photography in best budget you can contact us

      Defining the “best” wedding photographer is subjective and depends entirely on your preferences and priorities. What might be considered “best” for one couple might not be the best fit for another. However, I can provide some insights into the potential costs associated with photographers considered to be at the top of their field:

      Price Range:

      • High-end studios or renowned photographers: These professionals can charge anywhere from ₹5,00,000 to ₹20,00,000 or even more for a single day’s coverage. They often have extensive experience, a strong reputation, and offer highly customized packages with premium features like:
        • Multiple photographers and assistants
        • Extensive coverage (12+ hours) across multiple events
        • Advanced editing techniques, special effects, and cinematic videography
        • High-quality physical albums and digital collections
      • Award-winning or internationally recognized photographers: These individuals tend to fall at the higher end of the price spectrum, potentially exceeding ₹20,00,000 for a day’s work. They offer unparalleled expertise,unique artistic vision, and a level of prestige associated with their accolades.

      Remember: Price alone doesn’t guarantee the “best” fit. Consider these factors alongside cost:

      • Style: Does their aesthetic align with your vision and preferences?
      • Experience: Are they seasoned professionals with a proven track record?
      • Personality: Do you connect with their communication style and approach?
      • Portfolio: Does their work resonate with you emotionally and visually?
      • Package inclusions: Does their package match your desired coverage, deliverables, and editing preferences?

      Tips for Finding Your Perfect Photographer:

      • Define your priorities: What matters most to you (style, experience, budget)?
      • Set a realistic budget: Don’t overspend; prioritize quality within your means.
      • Research extensively: Explore portfolios, read reviews, and compare photographers.
      • Communicate openly: Discuss your expectations, budget, and vision clearly with potential photographers.
      • Look beyond price: Choose someone whose style, experience, and personality click with you.

      Remember, the “best” wedding photographer is ultimately the one who captures your unique love story authentically and exceeds your expectations within your budget.

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