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Look no further than StudioVisionPhotography! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and capturing those precious moments is crucial. That’s why it’s important to choose a skilled and experienced wedding photographer who can immortalize your memories in the best possible way.


At StudioVisionPhotography, we understand the significance of your special day and we offer a hassle-free, completely organized experience. Whether you’re in Delhi NCR or anywhere else, we can help you find the perfect wedding photographer to suit your needs. So, if you want to make sure that your wedding photos are truly memorable, trust us to connect you with the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR.

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What are the latest trends in Delhi NCR wedding photography styles?

Monotone photography- black and white pictures have their own beauty and charm. That’s the reason many people are opting for it.


What is Monotone Photography ?

black and white pictures have their own beauty and charm. That’s the reason many people are opting for it.

What is Phone photography ?

With the ever evolving technology, many photographers have started clicking pictures from the camera phones which are as good as the ones clicked for DSLR cameras.

What kind of Pre wedding shoots are offered ?

 Pre wedding shoots are really common these days. It helps the couple to spend quality time together before the wedding madness begins and at the same time get some great shots. And the theme for this is totally up to you.


What is Drone photography ?

As there are so many guests, capturing everyone can be tough, so many photographers have started using drones to capture the entire wedding.

How to find budget wedding photographers in Delhi NCR?

SVP’s vision is to give you an experience of making it real, the picture perfect dream wedding that you have in mind. We have a list of wedding photography services for every budget. the package you want to take and for the number of days you want the photographer and you’re sorted

How much do Delhi NCR wedding photographers charge for a day?

SVP Delhi Wedding photographers charge anywhere starting from 18 k to over 1 laks per day. You can easily find a list of services mentioned in different budget range as per your requirement.

How does SVP help to choose a specific service for my wedding in Delhi NCR?

With our carefully curated filters to give you a simple interface and many choices, you can easily as well as efficiently use the WedMeGood website to its fullest potential to get the best wedding photographer for you.

Can we hire one common photographer from the bride and groom’s side in Delhi NCR?

Yes, you totally can. What we think is that it totally depends on the understanding and the choices of both the families of both sides. You can hire one photographer to cover the wedding from the bride as well as the groom’s side but make sure to ask the photographer to get a proper team and a good number of equipment so that there are no barriers and less workforce whatsoever. Also, if you’re thinking of hiring a common photographer, do ask for discounts, if any.

What all services do Delhi NCR wedding photographers provide?

There are a number of services which wedding photographers provide like: Traditional photography, Candid photography, Pre-wedding shoots, Bridal portraits Aerial/Drone photography and Albums. Some of them provide videography services too while some don’t so you’ll have to book a separate wedding videographer in Delhi NCR in that case. But make sure to ask your wedding photographers in advance as to if they provide these services and only then decide if you want to hire them.

What points should one keep in mind when choosing a wedding photographer in Delhi NCR?

  • Determine the type of services and style of pictures you’re looking for – Be specific and really clear about what you want. Every wedding photographer has their USP and we have for you a rich list of each and every kind. So be candid about your preferences as to how you want your team of wedding photography services to be and what kind of shots you want- candid photography and cinematic shots, black and white photography, drone / aerial shots etc. This is a good criteria for shortlisting all potential Delhi photographers.
  • Compare prices – Don’t just rush into finding a wedding photographer in Delhi for yourself. Always search, and pick out top 3, or 5. And then compare their prices and the kind of services they provide and see if someone matches with your aesthetic.
  • Check the Delivery timelines – Candid wedding photography, or any kind of photography for that matter involves some time to refine, edit and process the work so it’s always a good idea to clear your queries about how many pictures will be delivered and how much time would the professional take.
  • Mention the number of guests – Confirm the number of people arriving to your wedding ceremony and how long the photographers should shoot – If both families decide to hire the same photographer, he/ she must bring along enough team members to cover the entire marriage ceremony. Also as Indian weddings tend to run late, check with them if they have overtime charges.
  • Reference shots – We know you have a Pinterest board dedicated to wedding photography so why not make use of it? Don’t hesitate to show the photographer the kind of pictures you want his/her team to take for you.

What should one avoid while choosing a wedding photographer in Delhi NCR?

  • Don’t book candid photographers without reading reviews – Wedding photography trends have undergone many changes of late. Traditional photography and videography just don’t cut it anymore. This is why it’s important to look at an artist’s website, portfolio and read feedback left by real couples. You can check out our real wedding section to always read the reviews by real couples to all the vendors they hired for their wedding, including wedding photographers and videographers.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize – Delhi weddings are quite over the top and happening and wedding seasons come with a bunch of weddings every single day! To make sure you don’t end up not getting a photographer, book in advance. In Delhi, wedding photographers get booked months in advance so start this process early on.
  • Don’t blindly follow trends – Trends come and go but timeliness pictures stay with you forever. Also, who wants to remember the wedding day with heavy filters and untrue touch-ups? It’s always better to avoid photos that are heavily edited or retouched. Natural is the best, and therefore, opt for a wedding photographer who promises to keep as realistic as possible.


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